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Project "Mastermind Networking Library":

A networking library. The name comes from the goal of this project, which was to make a program which is covertly behind all networking, making things run nice and smoothly with little user input. Suffers from known problems with NATs. I may be able to devote more time to improving this (and a C++ version) in the coming year.

I made the library partially for fun, partially for the programming context "PyWeek", partially for utility, and partly so I would know more about networking.

Version 1.5.2
Version 4.1.0
Version 4.1.1
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.1.3
Version 4.2.0

    .zip file (19K)
Source Requirements:

    Python (Tested versions: 3.6.5)
    Message Pack (optional)
    PyGame (optional)

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